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All about Golden Root Complex & Electronic Cigarettes

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rhodiola-roseaWhat are the benefits of Rhodiola Rosea? Well, Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most remarkable herbs, that has been used in a wide variety of ways throughout history. It is believed to strengthen the nervous system, fight depression, enhance immunity, elevate the capacity for exercise, enhance memory, aid weight reduction and improve energy levels. It has long been known as a potent adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural plant substances that increase the body’s non-specific resistance and normalise the functions of the body.

Research on Rhodiola rosea and other medicinal herbs was part of the Soviet Union’s great push to compete with the West in military development, the arms race, space exploration, Olympic sports, science, medicine, and industry. It is a popular plant in traditional medical systems in Eastern Europe and Asia, with a reputation for stimulating the nervous system, decreasing depression, enhancing work performance, eliminating fatigue, and preventing high altitude sickness.

It believed that Rhodiola Rosea also known as Golden Root can have benefits in dealing with stress, muscle recovery, improving memory and brain energy, cardiac problems, cancer and depression.

Of course from our point of view we are interested in the reported benefits in improving erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation in men and normalising their prostate fluid.

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