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Erectile Dysfunction, or impotence as it is sometimes referred to, is the inability of obtaining an erection that is hard enough to have penetrative sex. It occurs when not enough blood flows into or stays within the penis long enough to allow for sexual activity. Erectile Dysfunction is far more common than you might think. There are around 2.3 million men with some form of erection problem in the UK which is around the 1 in 10 figure. Pretty high!

Despite the myths it can affect men of any age not just older men and generally is a physical problems rather than a psychological one.

So can Golden Root Complex help with Erectile Dysfunction? Well Golden Root Complex is not a cure for Erectile Dysfunction however is does contain many active ingredients that aid sexual arousal and many men have testified to effectiveness. Indeed most of our sales come from returning, satisfied customers. I does make sense however, to look at the possible causes and see if you can deal with those first before turning to any medication, herbal or otherwise.

Some of the physical factors that can cause Erectile Dysfunction or contribute to it are:

High blood pressure
Heart disease
High cholesterol
Kidney failure
Spinal injury
Multiple Sclerosis
Prostate surgery

Some of the psychological factors are:

Stress and anxiety at work or home
Relationship problems
Fear of not achieving an erection or performing when expected

There are also a number of what might be called lifestyle choices that can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. These are:

Recreational drugs
Being overweight
Drinking excessively
Side effects of medication

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms your doctor should be your first port of call.

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