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Massage-Helps-Get-the-Best-Results-from-Golden-Root-ComplexHow to take Golden Root Complex is a question we get asked from time to time. We could just be flippant and a little obvious and say with a glass of water. Of course that is the way to take it but generally the question actually means what is the best way to get the most out of Golden Root Complex.

We generally recommend that you take one capsule about an hour to two hours in advance of intimacy. Generally don’t expect to get the best results without putting in a little effort yourself. Get yourself and your partner in the mood. Whatever turns you two on. For me it’s bit of soft lighting and some mutual massaging that usually does the trick. But you will know each other better than most.

It tends to work more quickly if you take it on an empty stomach. It will take longer to work if taken after food. I usually have a little something soon after. At my age I need all the energy I can get. Do not exceed 300mg capsule a day and assuming you take the recommended dose of 300mg the effects may last for up to 18 hours.

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