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Written by: on June 10, 2013 @ 1:32 pm

tiger-penis-soupThere are apparently many different types of penis soups out there but this is by far one of the most rare and expensive. Tiger Penis Soup has been around for centuries in Asian cultures, known for its almost mythical properties akin to Viagra or indeed Golden Root. The dried tiger penis is soaked in water for a week and then simmered up to 24 hours with other spices and medicines, at times with tiger bone. A single bowl of soup can cost you up to £300.

Tigers are an endangered species and protected, yet many Asian markets still carry tiger parts in their shops. A recent survey of New York’s Chinatown revealed that 60% of the shops claimed to carry tiger parts. If you do decide to buy some tiger penis make sure it is legit, shady shop owners often substitute ox or deer tendons for the real thing. Just like buying fake Golden Root instead of the real thing then.

Personally at £300 a pop for a bowl of soup, I bet it doesn’t taste like Raymond Blanc cooked it, I will stick to Golden Root complex at a mere £19.50 for 10 capsules.

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