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Golden Root is known as an over the counter legal herbal pill that can be used for erectile problems but also as a way of increasing the volume of blood flow to the penis, so even if you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction you can still enjoy the benefit of bigger and better erections, so your partner will not be disappointed.

You may experience Improved erectile function, increased Libido, increased sexual stamina, and our products can in some cases help with premature ejaculation, increased genital sensitivity and orgasms are just some of the benefits. Generally physical and mental performance can be improved in some people, and people who suffer from fatigue have been seen to show improvements after taking our products.

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Why our Golden Root products are different

You may have seen cheaper alternative websites selling Golden Root products...Don't be fooled by cheap! We maintain our prices and have done for over 12 years. Our pills are genuine and as suppliers to many hundreds of blue pill vending machines as well as our online sales - we know our products are of the highest quality you will find. More importantly, our products actually work - we never sell cheap imitations, fake or sub-standard products only reliable, trustworthy, tested products from suppliers we have used for many years.

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New Golden Glory

Very effective erectile dysfunction capsule. Take 1 capsule approx 1 hour prior to intimacy.

These are extremely popular and work in a similar way to goldenrootcomplex But are a little stronger at 450mg.

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Golden Glory Capsules
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So how is it sold and used?
300mg capsules combining the following herbs and ingredients:

Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea), Gota Kola, Panax, Ginseng, Damiana, Muira Pauma, Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera, Winter Cherry), Cynomorium (Cynomorium Songaricum, Suo Yang, Maltese Mushroom), Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) and Liquorice Root Extract.


The active ingredients in Golden Root are Rosavin, Rosarin and Rosin. Rosavin is a plant found in much colder regions in the world such as the mountains of Central Asia, the Rocky Mountains, the Alps in Europe and the Artic, growing high up in these areas where it is extremely cold. Hence why some people will take the herb if they travel to high altitudes, whereby generally they would get sick so the dopamine and serotonin levels can be increased in the brain to counter affect. The increase in these levels can make a human body more alert and aware with better clarity which can make them feel much better.


100% Original Golden Root Complex Capsules

Please be assured we only trade in 100% original Golden Root Complex capsules. Please be careful when buying from some other websites that say they are genuine – you may find that what you purchase and then consume does nothing for you and may cause harm to your health.


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