VL3 Disposable Menthol Multi Pack (12)

Disposable Menthol Multi Pack (12)


VL3 Disposable Menthol Multi Pack (12)


Vapourlites™ Soft Feel VL3 Menthol Disposable 12 Pack electronic cigarettes, take away the harshness of regular cigarettes. Our VL3 Tobacco Disposable delivers a high yielding vapour. This 12 pack is the equivalent of approximately 600 regular cigarettes or 6000 puffs.


As with all Vapourlite™ electronic cigarettes, the VL3 is fitted with a 270mAh Battery and a blue LED. This is to stop any confusion if you decide to vape in a public area.


Available in 16mg strength.


What's included

  • 12 x VL3 Soft Feel Disposable electronic cigarette
  • Equivalent to 600 regular cigarettes
  • Lithium 270mAh Battery
  • Available in 16mg Max Strength
  • Blue LED
  • Menthol Flavour
  • Length: 11.4cm
  • Weight: 11gm
  • Width: 1cm 



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